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I help women lose weight without diets and the restrictions they bring by teaching them how to eat for their body, goals, and lifestyle.

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hi, i'm caitlyn


I have always been athletic, but I struggled with my body image, binge eating, and yo-yo dieting for years. I tried the South Beach Diet, counting calories aiming for 1200 per day, and even did burpees each time I ate to “burn it off”. Even after I became a dietitian, I struggled with putting myself first, managing stress, and used food to cope. I would eat chips & salsa or chocolate until I felt miserable.

It wasn't until I started putting myself first, investing in myself, focusing more on health than diets, and including all the foods I loved that I have had a body I love for the longest I can ever remember, and still eat foods like chips and chocolate on the regular. Now my passion is helping women who struggle like I did change their lives and find the same food freedom I have found.


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If you want to lose weight, build muscle, and increase energy, you won't want to miss my FREE tips! By following me on Instagram, you will learn how to reach your goals without restriction and yo-yo dieting.
To get progress that actually lasts you need to learn how to incorporate your favorite foods, change your relationship with food, and understand how weight loss really works. You can lose weight, eat carbs, and live your life! I'm going to show you how!



client wins

"Caitlyn, I really am so thankful to you. You have literally changed my life. I honestly never thought I would lose weight like this EVER! If I tried doing this on my own it would've been a train wreck, and I would've started and stopped 4 times by now. I can't express how appreciative I am to you for what you've done for me. You've given me this whole new relationship with food, and I not only feel great about the food I eat, but I can honestly say I feel great about myself. This has been a dream come true."

Client Wins
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